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Transmuting Energy

In this blog I’ll be talking  a lot about energy. Healing energy. Clearing energy. Transmuting energy.

Energy is felt.

When someone is angry we sense their anger…we clue in to the energy they are carrying, the energy of anger.

When someone is depressed we sense their depression…we clue in to the energy they are embodying…the energy of depression.

In the same way, when someone is happy we sense their happiness…we clue in to the energy they are holding…the energy of happiness.

Everything and everyone has what I call an energy signature, an energy that is uniquely theirs. If we were adept at reading or sensing energy we could tell one another apart simply by tuning in to each person’s energy signature.

Some of us have energy signatures that are of a slow vibration and some have energy signatures that are of a fast vibration.

But no two are exactly alike.

Our energy signature is created by our state of mind.

Are we worrying? Bitter? Heart-broken? Jealous? Angry? These are examples of slower vibratory states.

Are we at peace? Joyful? In love? Playful? Cheerful? Affable? These are examples of higher vibratory states.

When we are vibrating as high as we can,  we feel really good.

As sensing beings, our feeling states are important to us. They tell us when we are out of balance and when we’re in balance. With that information, we can take action to be sure we stay in balance. This is important because we function better when we are in balance. Our health, our relationships, our daily life experience  – all these things, and more –  improve when we are in balance.

Another way of stating this is: Our emotions are indicators for us and if we pay attention to them in that way, we can move through life more easily. We have not been trained to be emotionally savvy. Most of us feel that we ARE the emotional states we experience.

This is like believing I am the needle indicating the speed of a car, rather than the driver who chooses the speed the car goes.

When we finally realize that we have some choice in the way we vibrate, our next question is:                   what can I do about it?

In recent times many have searched for an answer to this question.  Fortunately, there are several ways available now for us to have more power over our feeling states. Most of us know people who have been in talk-based therapy. This is a useful step to understanding our selves, our lives, our patterns of behavior but it doesn’t necessarily move us into a state of higher vibration. Now many ways have been found to shift our energy quickly and efficiently.

A couple of years ago, my guides spoke to me as I was meditating.

“Tone yourself around and tone your life around.” they said.

Since that time I’ve been working with this concept and teaching it to others. Here’s what I know, so far:

  • Our human voices have the ability to transmute energies.
    (To transmute means to change from one form or state into another; to transform.)
  •  There are no rules. This is an intuitive process.
  • The ‘tone’ can be musical, harmonious, loud, soft, dissonant, jarring, groaning, blurting, staccato, sweet……………….. you get the idea – anything goes!
  • When we transmute energies to higher states, it helps us AND it is an act of service. Others benefit too by having higher energies around.


Here’s an example of how I use this new tool:

I notice I’m out of balance.
That might mean I’m feeling sad or angry or depressed or antsy or ____________. (Fill in the blank.)

I take a moment and ask myself:

“If I could make a sound that would transmute this energy, what would it be?”

I let myself ‘imagine’ what that sound is.

Then I make that sound!

Checking in again with myself: Did that bring me back into balance? If the answer is “yes”, then great – I’m done!
If the answer is “no”, then I ask myself, do I need to make that sound again? Or is there another sound to make?

There might be several steps to a process or it might be completed with one or two ‘tones’.


Here are some observations I’ve made as I and others have worked with this amazing ability:

  • The biggest challenge is to remember to do it! I suggest you stick reminder notes on the bathroom mirror, car dashboard, inside cupboard or locker doors, or even write the word ‘tone’ on the back of your hand.
    After you’ve been doing it for a while and discover how much better you feel, you’ll remember more easily.
  • If you find yourself feeling out of balance where it would not be appropriate to make sounds aloud (think cocktail party, lecture hall, church, family gathering) – you can still use toning to come back to balance. Here’s the amazing thing:  You can imagine yourself making the sound and imagine that sound spiraling around youor around the space that you’re in. When we work with subtle energies it is the intention of what we do that has the greatest impact. Later, when you are able to vocalize aloud, make whatever sounds are needed to anchor in your earlier imagined tones.
  • If you can work with this new ability diligently for  2 or 3 weeks, the need to do it will diminish significantly. I have clients who now do ‘maintenance toning’ – a little each day. If they should forget, at some point in their day they find themselves feeling a little ‘off’ and then a moment or two of toning brings them back to being centered and balanced once again.
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  1. Elizabeth Kochar #

    This is a wonderful explanation of the “toning” concept, which we practiced in the weekend’s workshop. Thank you. I shall refer to it frequently in the days, weeks and months ahead when I want to explain it to someone else. Thank you!

    September 10, 2012
  2. Amy #

    This is such a powerful tool, Hethyrre! Thank you so much for sharing it with us at the workshop. I can’t believe what a difference it makes!!!

    September 18, 2012

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